Deer Me Intermission - Submit Your Questions
Question: Does Viana and Thomas getting together mean Deer Me is over?

Answer: Nope! :-)
Ross Sauer Does this mean Viana will mellow out? Nov 1, 2019
Or will she stay as nasty when she's not at work?
Skye Thank you! Nov 1, 2019
Thank you for so many years and pages of Deer Me! It's been one of my favorite Webcomics and one of the first I check for updates every time I log on! <3
Ashe Skyler Congrats! Nov 1, 2019
Holy cow, 16 years? You're a trooper!

My question is minor. I got so focused in on Viana and Thomas finally getting their relationship resolved I forgot all about the sheep family. Will we see some of them soon?
Opi01 Nov 4, 2019
Congrats on making it this far.

So many people are getting together now. Will Velvet end up with anyone once you start up again?
Jarrad Just a question to Viana Nov 8, 2019
Hey, Vee!

Do you think you'll ever read an classic DC or Marvel comics like Spider-Man, Batman, or the like?