Assuming no more curve balls from life (I sure have been sick a lot lately), the current Deer Me chapter should continue updating regularly between now and the end of March.

At that point, I would like to take a planned intermission during April, to rebuild the comic buffer, work on other projects, and publish those books I have been meaning to get published for years now.  Assuming all goes well, the next Deer Me chapter should start the first Friday of May, with a little buffer to help when the next real life interruption occurs.

During the comic intermission, I want to post your fan art or fan fiction.  So, if you have some idea percolating, then start writing or drawing!  If you have something already finished that you never sent, then please send it now!

If you have doodled angry Viana, then please share it.  If you have written a date scene with Velvet and some poor sap she shrugs off, then please share it.  If you have written and drawn a comic of Thomas trying to cope with the insanities of his life (or contributing to those insanities), then please share it.

Fan works can feature your own characters, but they should either fit in the Deer Me world or reference it.  Does your character shop at Bubbling Beauty & Bath or attend ConnectComics?  Maybe your character survived a run-in with the You Could Be Prettier brigade.  Or maybe you want to make a commentary about reading Deer Me.

Please keep fan work submissions friendly for general audiences, and send them to me by e-mail.

Again, Deer Me's next intermission will begin at the start of April, so you currently have a little over seven weeks.  I shall also post at least one reminder in March.  Thank you and have fun!