Long-time readers of Deer Me know that it has moved around a lot over its 15 (going on 16) years.

I have self-hosted with WordPress (which is a miserable experience), self-hosted with AutoKeen Lite (which is nice and lightweight, but has not been supported for over a decade), hosted on Blogger (which worked decently, but I no longer trust Google to not shut it down any day now), hosted on Tumblr (similar to Blogger, only replace "Google" with "Oath"), and migrated here to ComicFury last December... and have been since wishing that I moved my comics here years ago.

ComicFury really is a good comic hosting solution. Unlike most of my other approaches, ComicFury is built to host comics. I do not have to adapt blogging software for my needs. Using a comic hosting solution to host comics... what a wild idea!